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Out House

February 17th, 2014

Out House

Is this a photograph/digital art image an Out Hous? Well, I'm not sure! But I am sure of one thing. I've never forgotten those cold, snowy mornings,a walk down the path to the old two seater we had outback. Those mornings when you would wait to the very last moment to go... knowing that no matter how long you waited it was still going to be a cold, cold snowy morning.

It is those memories that take me back more than sixty plus years to a different time. A time when we knew all our neighbors and were not afraid to leave the doors unlocked. A time when our mom's were not afraid to let us kids play outside after dark.

A time when wagons and bikes and kites were what kept us occupied and and out of trouble. A time when "I'm Gonna Teach You A Lesson" meant... go get a small branch from the Willow Tree out front! And lest we forget a dime Coke and a nickle candy bar!

The Digital Art image was taken in the mountains of West Virginia. On a cold snowy morning. What are your childhood memories! How many remember the ten cen Coke,a five cent candy bar, black and white television or other special memories.I would love to hear them!


Bob Mullins